Commit dfc5b244 authored by Julian Rudolf's avatar Julian Rudolf
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set both snakes shield to true

parent a6731aab
......@@ -1079,7 +1079,7 @@ def game_loop():
# create snakes
snake1 = Snake(startsnake1["pos"], startsnake1["vel"], startsnake1["angle"], 0, img=p1_snake[0], color=p1_snake[1],
apple_img=green_apple, act_shield=False, length=snake_length)
apple_img=green_apple, act_shield=True, length=snake_length)
snake2 = Snake(startsnake2["pos"], startsnake2["vel"], startsnake2["angle"], 1, img=p2_snake[0], color=p2_snake[1],
apple_img=purple_apple, act_shield=True, length=snake_length, dir=False)
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